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Return From the Dead Decal AR2155
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Return From the Dead Decal AR2155


Return From The Dead Decal Size 10" x 13" Black Vinyl

Just in time or Halloween

The Picture is the actual Decal,

Part No# AR2155

Vinyl Material Stock:

We use High Quality, Affordable Calendered Vinyl Film Gloss; this vinyl is a 2.8 mil with a 6 year outdoor life. It has a clear permanent adhesive this means that the vinyl is perfect and unblemished and free from any defect or impurity. This material will not fade due to the sunlight and the Edges will lay tightly down and will not peel due to the kind of adhesive used. This Material will not crack due to weather changes in your climate.
After you install your decal, stay away from car washes for at least 48 hours. Do not apply Decal no matter what Brand or what you hear in temperatures below 60 degrees, you will not get full life out of your decal. No refunds on custom Decals or decals that were to your instructions. 100% Satisfaction
All replacement orders are subject to a $1.50 H fee unless C.V.D is the cause of any errors concerning your order. C.V.D is not responsible for lost or damaged shipments. Customer is responsible for filing any claims with carriers for damaged and/or lost shipments.

This decal is already made the size is stated above in tthe title and the color of this decal is black.


1. The Decal You Ordered.

2. A 4"x4" sample Decal So you can try to put this one down before you put the one ordered down.

3. A set of dry Application directions.

4. A set of wet Application directions.

Available Options:
This product was added to our catalog on Tuesday October 04, 2016.

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